Our ministers

Methodist Presbyterian
York Street circuit1 For Presbyterian ministers
of St Peter's North Sydney,
see their web site

St Peter's opted to stay Presbyterian
when the Uniting Church was formed in 1977
William Bourne
Robert Lamb
1869 Samuel B. Rigby
North St Leonard/North Sydney2
1870-71 Fredreck W. Ward
1872-73 Edward J. Rodd
1874-76 James G. Middleton
1877-79 Charles Stead
1880-81 Frank Firth
1882-84 James E. Carruthers
1885-87 William H. George Holtermann Street
began in 1886 as part of
North St Leonard circuit
North St Leonards3
1888-89 Edward J. Rodd 1888-90 H.A. Hutcheson
1890-91 W. Halse Rogers 1893-1911 
David Bruce4
W.H. Ash
1892-94 Joseph Beale
1895-97 James A. Nolan
1898-1900 George Lane
1901-03 Joseph Spence
1904-06 W. Halse Rogers
1907-09 W. Woolls Rutledge
1910-13 Benjamin Dinning 1911-39 Alex Clark
1914-15 Frederick Colwell
1916-17 James Colwell
1918-19 Joseph Walker
1920 Arthur H. Johnstone
1921 Archibald Graham Crows Nest circuit
1922 Claude L. Connor 1922-23 Archibald Graham
1923-26 J. Sweetnam Thomas 1924-26 William T. Dyer
1927-29 Albert E. Townsend 1927-28 Tom Ellison
1930-33 William R. Poole 1929-32 W. Mills Robson
1934-37 W. Waite Roger 1933-36 G. Stuart Udy
1938-42 Archibald Collins 1937-41 Victor T. Smith 1939-45 Colin Dyster
1943-47 Edward T. Chapman 1942-46 Charles Wheeler
1948-50 Kay Mason 1947-48 A. Edgar Walker 1945-67 Russell Scott
1951-54 John H. Sorrell 1949 Richard Piper
1955 Milford E. Southwell 1950-52 Albert E. Frede
1956-59 Jack G. Leonard 1953-56 Albert E. Frede
1960-63 Gloster S. Udy &
Bernarr H. Stevens
1957-61 William E. Taylor
1964 Gloster S. Udy &
Kenyon L. McDowell
1962... N. Lynford Smith
Crows Nest-North Sydney5
Roy W. Hubbard
N. Lynford Smith
Noel Thomas
1966... Roger Bush
1967... N Keith Little 1967... Douglas Cole...
Renamed Northside Mission
Roger Bush
N. Keith Little

Northside Uniting Church

Holtermann Street Shirley Road
1977- …1981 Douglas Cole
Ross Smith 1982... Moira Laidlaw
Two congregations, one minister
...1992 Moira Laidlaw
1992... Tom Plaizier
Combined at Shirley Road as

Crows Nest Uniting Church

...2004 Tom Plaizier
2004-2012 Michael Barnes
2013-2017 Chris Udy
2018- Michael Thomas

1 The third minister in the York Street circuit (as listed) lived at St Leonards/North Shore
2 Originally known as St Leonards, renamed North Sydney in 1905
3 North St Leonards, changed to Crows Nest, and became Shirley Road congregation in the Northside Uniting Church (1977)
4 David Bruce was the third Moderator General of the Presbyterian Church of Australia (1903-05) while minister at Crows Nest. He was the oldest person (at 79) to be appointed in the period 1901-77, and the only person to have been also Moderator of the Prebyterian Church of New Zealand (1866-67)
5 at Holtermann Street, Crows Nest

A Century of Service: Walker Street Methodist Church North Sydney 1865-1965
Uniting Church in Australia Northside Parish 1888-1988